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A Stretch Ceiling is kind of a suspended ceiling consisting out of two basic components:
• A perimeter aluminum track mounted on an existing ceiling (drywall, wood, concrete, etc.) or onto a wall.
• A highly durable lightweight ceiling membrane which stretches and fits into the perimeter track.

The ceiling membrane is made out of PVC (“Vynil”), which is extremely durable and therefore commonly used for long-lasting products with a life-expectancy exceeding 60 years! That’s the reason we provide a good long years with limited warranty on our ceilings, but they will last much longer if not punctured with a very sharp item. Even in that case a repair is often possible. There is no fading of colours or degrading in any way! NO more painting of your ceilings!

Yes it is! Stretch Ceilings are 100% recyclable.

The ceiling membrane is available in over 100s different colours and different finishes (matte, satin, high gloss), which provides you the highest flexibility to find the right match for your space? The high gloss finish creates a mirror effect in the ceiling due to its high reflective surface, which let a room appear higher, bigger and more luxurious. Furthermore it provides a brighter light to the room due to the light reflection.

Beyond that, we have translucent membranes available, where we hide LED lighting behind the light diffusing membrane to create completely illuminated ceilings or wall features. This creates stunning effects, which is very impressive especially in combination with a custom imprint on the ceiling.

The main difference are the very unique design possibilities, the various lighting features with the latest LED technology as well as the quick and clean installation process, which takes away the fear of a time consuming and messy ceiling renovation.

Stretch Ceilings offers beside their technical advantages various design possibilities (e.g. high gloss finishes in different colours, illuminated ceilings & wall features with latest LED technology, imprinted ceilings etc.) which can’t be achieved by any other ceiling system in the market.

A Stretch Ceiling is always custom made and comes in one pre-manufactured piece up to 800 sq ft in size. Bigger ceilings are possible, if divided in several pieces. There is no cutting on site! Therefore, we have a quick and clean installation process without the mess you might have experienced with other ceiling installations / renovations. NO mess, NO furniture removal necessary in most cases and an average residential room size of approx. 300 sq ft could be finished within a day!

The ceiling is only mounted along the perimeter of the room and need no additional supporting structures e.g. as a T-bar ceiling. It can be removed from the perimeter-track and re-installed without damaging the ceiling by one of our technicians. Therefore, it is an unbeatable system to conceal existing pipes, wiring, ductwork, service fixtures etc. by maintaining the accessibility, e.g. along the hallways in commercial buildings, residential utility rooms, basements with open joists etc. and having a stylish appearance at the same time.

Our installation process is quick and very clean and most of the times you don’t have to remove any furnishings or other interior. An average residential room size up to 300 sq ft could be finished in one day. That’s a huge advantage, especially for businesses, which might not be able to stop their operations for longer periods. Installations over the weekend are possible too, to avoid any interruptions of your regular business!

A Stretch Ceiling allows all cut-outs for pot-lights, ceiling registers, speakers etc., no matter what shape or size. Even hanging of heavy chandeliers, mounting of track-lights, etc. isn’t a problem at all!

All of our Stretch Ceilings are anti-static (no dust-catcher!). If you get something on it, it can be easily wiped off with a microfiber cloth. NO more painting of ceilings!

Our Stretch Ceilings are an approved building materials and tested and approved according Indian and Internal fire norms.

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