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Translucent Ceilings

Translucent lighting stretch ceiling is the most attractive finish for the outstanding result you can get from it.

Translucent Ceilings

About Translucent Ceilings

When you turn on your switch, the light is spread by chandeliers, spotlights, ceiling lights or neon lights but the translucent light stretching the ceiling is able to enlighten the entire ceiling, besides its shape or size.

It is possible to use RGB led lights to create a special play of light and shadow.

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    Perimeter Aluminium
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Technical Specification


Brand: Goq Wavelenght
Color Temp
7100K, 5000K
4100K 3200K
Viewing Angle 150 Degree
Operating Envirnoment -40ºC to +60ºC
Typical Brightness (Lumens/Module) 130 102
(Lumens/Ft.) 195 153
Energy Consumption (Strip/Module) 1.56
(System/Ft.) 1.87
Module Dimensions (H X L X W)
0.31 X 3.94 X 0.71 In
(8 X 100 X 18 Mm)
power Supply Loading
25Ft. (38 Modules)


Material 19 mm Plywood for sides
6 mm Plywood for top

Alternatively, MS Square tube
with metal sheet covers can
be used for all shapes
Depth 100-150 Mm For Leds
Suspension Framed Or Thread Rods
Boxing Conditions In Interiors, Airtight, ACP sheet
or enamel paint in white matte

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